St. John Cantius’ language classes begin again soon. If you have always wanted a deeper appreciation of our Church’s languages and heritage, now is your chance to begin or to continue your study of the language and history of the Church.

We offer a range of Latin classes through which you can develop from complete beginner to fluent reader of original texts. You can progress from the beginner class through to the advanced reading classes, or you can join at any point along the way if you already have some background in the language. Classes are one hour a week, so we move at a pace that allows you to learn whilst not interfering with work and / or other study commitments.

We focus on ecclesiastical Latin – the Latin of the liturgy, Jerome’s Bible, scholastic philosophers, papal bulls and canon law – but the course will also set you in good stead if your interest is in classical Latin. Many of the texts we read in the advanced reading classes are from the classical age. 

Beginner classes start each September. We also offer occasional classes on various topics, including the popular ‘Latin of the Mass’ class which provides an introduction to the Latin of the Mass for those who may not wish to pursue formal studies in Latin.

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The summer semester begins on June 11, 2022, and ends on August 6, 2022.

You can pay the registration fee through our Give Central page. This is not registration - you still need to contact the instructor or register in person.



There are no textbooks for the Summer session. Generally, you can purchase all textbooks in advance at Biretta Books or you can purchase your textbook at the St Joseph Building on the first day of class’


Instructor: Richard Rodriguez

Classes start June 11, 2022.   There are 8 sessions. No class on July 2.

For the complete beginner with no previous knowledge of Latin.  No textbook, no exercises.  The course provides a bird's-eye view of the structure of the Latin language with a focus on the grammar and vocabulary of major Latin prayers and portions of the Latin Mass.   

This class can be taken as a standalone class. It would also serve as an excellent introduction for beginner students considering the introductory class that begins in September, or for students who need a refresher before joining one of our other classes in September.

Classes will be held on Saturdays ON ZOOM from 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM (CST)

Any students interested in this class should email Mr. Rodriguez at

The cost is $50.00 for the class. You can pay this fee through our Give Central Page. Note however that payment is not registration – to register, you must e-mail Mr. Rodriguez. 

To register, please email Mr. Rodriguez.






Our regular classes begin will begin again in mid-September 2022 and will include:

▪    Beginner class in Ecclesiastical Latin. Your chance to begin the journey to mastery of the language.

▪    Continuation classes in Ecclesiastical Latin at various levels, picking up where the classes left off in June 2022

▪    Advanced reading classes – selections from the Latin Church Fathers


Latin Classes at St. John Cantius Church