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Daily Livestream Liturgies, Divine Office and Rosary

Featured Live Stream video: The Great Paschal Vigil.

To view the latest or upcoming Mass, please click the "previous Livestream on YouTube link" below or here.

The following liturgies are being broadcast from St. John Cantius Church in Chicago.
All times are CDT (Central Daylight Time).


9:00 am—Sung Mass (English)

12:30 pm—
High Mass: 1962 Missal (Latin)                                *1st Sundays: 2002 Missal


Additional Solemn Vespers and Special Occasions that will be streamed, will be announced ahead of time.


High Mass and Knightly Order of St. John Cantius Investiture-

Friday May 5th 3:00 PM



Staying Connected

During this time, if you want to make a confession appointment, request a sick call, or if you have any other need, please do not hesitate to contact us, or call the Parish Office at 312-243-7373.

If there is a sacramental emergency for the sick or the dying, please call 312-243-7373 and wait for the special emergency number in the recording.



As we strive to meet the needs of our Parish and community your continued financial support is greatly appreciated. You can give online with Elevate by Salesforce.

You may also make your Sunday contribution by texting from your mobile device:



The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius are a religious community of men dedicated to the ‘Restoration of the SacredLearn more at

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