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History and Culture Classes at St. John Cantius Church


For Catholics, our Lord Jesus Christ is the center of Salvation History. When we use the abbreviations B.C. (“Before Christ”) or A.D. (“Anno Domini” or in the year of Our Lord), we mark the years before and after that moment when faithful expectation was fulfilled in the Incarnation.


St. Jerome (c. 347 - c. 420), a doctor of the Church, translated the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin, a translation known to us as the Vulgate. Among his famous statements was “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”  Is this insight true also of Christian history and culture?


What was the influence of Christianity on what we know as Western Culture? Join us as we explore the thought, customs, traditions, and social norms of our predecessors in the Faith.

​All classes will be held in person (with one exception – see final offering below). Classes meet on Sundays in the St Joseph Building at 1025 W. Fry St., Chicago, IL. Enter the building from the south door between the St Joseph Building and the Church. There is no entry directly from the street.



You can register by contacting the instructor by email in advance of class or by registering in person at the St Joseph Building on the first day of class on September 11. If you would like to join any class after September 11, please contact the instructor.



You can pay the registration fee through our payment platform. This is not registration - you still need to contact the instructor or register in person.


You can purchase all textbooks in advance at Biretta Books, or you can purchase your textbook at the St Joseph Building on the first day of class.


The Churchs Year of Grace IV


Instructors: Nick Chapello and Canons Regular of St. John Cantius.


In addition to our popular classical languages program (Latin, Greek, and Hebrew), we are also offering a guided reading and discussion series focusing on the customs and traditions of the Church’s liturgical year. We will use Rev. Pius Parsch’s, The Church’s Year of Grace, Volume IV, from Parsch’s five-volume series recently republished by St. John Cantius’ Biretta Books. Other supplemental materials will also be used.


Classes will meet on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. in the St. Cecilia Hall from Sunday, June 18- August 6, 2023.


To register. contact Nick Chapello at, or register in person on June 18th. The textbook is The Church’s Year of Grace - Volume IV, which can be purchased at the Biretta Books kiosk on the lower level of St. John Cantius Church or online here. Donation: $ 30

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