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Religious Education Classes

Religious Education classes begin soon (Communion, Confirmation).

Open the PDF below to see the full syllabus and for all the information and offerings for our 2020-2021 classes. Please note, not all of our classes will be offered in person.

Classes offered this year at our parish include:

Religious Education

-First Communion (ages 7-8) in-person class -Old Testament (ages 8-9) -New Testament (ages 9-10) -Confirmation A (ages 10-11) in-person class -Confirmation B (ages 11-12) in-person class -Fundamentals of the Faith (ages 13-17)

Language Classes (all ages)

-Latin of the Mass -Latin I: Beginner -Latin II: Beginner Continued -Latin III: Intermediate -Latin IV: Cicero’s De Senectute

Learn more about our Latin Classes here.

-Biblical Hebrew Continued

Learn more about our Biblical Hebrew class here.

If you have any questions please contact us at


Attending Mass at SJC
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