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Latin Classes

St. John Cantius’ language classes begin September 11th. If you have always wanted a deeper appreciation of our Church’s languages and heritage, now is your chance to begin or to continue your study of the language and history of the Church.

The schedule for in-person classes is as follows. This will be the same for Fall and Spring:​

Fall Classes Begin on September 11th

Latin of the Mass - 10 AM - Nick Chapello ( Fall )

Western and Christian Thought - 10 AM - Shane Ayers & Kieran Driver ( Spring )

Latin I - Beginner - Andre Mendoza - 9.00am

Latin II - Rupert Ward - 9.00am

Latin III - Anthony Chapello - 11.00am

Latin IV - Andre Mendoza - 10.00am

Latin V (a) - Chris Jones - 9.00am

Latin V (b) - Chris Jones - 10.00am

In-Person registration will be held on Sunday August 28th and Sunday September 4th from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

For more class information and registration, please visit the Latin Classes page or contact Nick Chapello at

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