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Clerestory Windows

Thanks to many contributions we were able to install the backlighting on the two stained glass windows in the church. The light of the Resurrected Christ now shines on the congregation from the Southern window and from the Northern window, the message of St. Gabriel reminds us that the Word became flesh.

Gazing upward to the lofty ceilings of the church, the clerestory windows now look especially dark. These are the windows situated toward the bottom edge of the vaulted ceiling. Clerestory windows date all the way back to ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians made use of clerestory windows by cutting slits into giant slabs of stone in order to illuminate halls and temples. Centuries later, these windows became a standard architectural feature of the upper levels of both Romanesque and Gothic churches, letting in natural light.

While our clerestory windows will be lit artificially, having some light shine through them will give the illusion of greater height to our church and allow our hearts, minds and souls to soar upward towards heaven.

We are still short of the necessary funds to light these windows. Will you help?

Donations can be made by check to the Cantian Fund “Clerestory” or online here:


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