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Catholic Art Institute

The Catholic Art Institute is an arts organization working to restore a culture of truth, beauty, and goodness. We empower artists to use their gifts to glorify God and captivate souls through beauty.

The Catholic Art Institute recognizes the essential need for beauty to elevate our senses and illuminate our souls. We believe that churches, as images of Heaven on earth, should be adorned and designed by artists and architects pursuing the utmost excellence in their craft.

Our mission is implemented through diverse educational programming, community building, and, all-importantly, the prayers of the faithful and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Catholic Art Institute hosts the top scholars, artists, architects, philosophers, and theologians of our day for educational events. Through our speaker series, workshops in traditional art-making techniques, and our annual conference, we provide preeminent education, resources, and inspiration to all those interested in the elevation of the visual arts. Great art is made, and culture is changed through community; with this in mind, our events foster dialogue and provide networking opportunities for professionals and aspiring professionals alike. Today our cultural heritage of beauty is threatened. Within academia, in major art institutions, in our culture at large, and regrettable, within the Church itself, traditional standards of beauty are often seen as irrelevant or are directly attacked. The Catholic Art Institute offers a community of mutual support to those working to uphold the value of beauty and revivify the arts.   If you would like to help with our mission or participate in a community focused on restoring beauty to the culture and Catholic arts, please consider joining us by becoming a patron or member.

Please visit The Catholic Art Institute website to learn more.


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