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Cook for the Canons


If you are searching for a challenging volunteer project, and if you enjoy cooking for a large family, perhaps you would consider joining the SJC Cooks who generously volunteer to cook or cater a Saturday or Sunday meal for the Canons Regular of SJC – specifically for a total of 16 priests and brothers. Fancy meals are not necessary. The instructions are simple: sign up for one (1) Saturday or Sunday per year; pack the meal in disposable containers; deliver it to the Rectory on the day you attend the weekend Mass.

• For Saturday meals: deliver by 4:00 pm.

• For Sunday meals: delivery is possible on Saturdays, or on Sunday mornings before the 12:30

pm Mass.

Take them a Meal is the online calendar which provides all Saturday and Sundays dates for the next 12 months. Simply fill in your contact information and choose a date. There is a column for type of meal, but that is optional.

The coordinator for weekend meals will send out a reminder on the preceding Monday. Your reminder email will include Br. Mark’s contact information to coordinate with him for the meal delivery. Please feel free to contact Myrta Garcia, using the link on this parish organizations contact page for detailed information regarding dates, rescheduling, or other concerns.

The Canons are thankful that they can sit down together for an evening meal. Your warmhearted generosity is joyously received and appreciated. May Our Lord and His Blessed Mother bless you and your family.


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