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Video and Photos from the Blessing of the Cross

Sunday May 3rd, marked the Anniversary of the Finding of the True Cross by St. Helen in 326 A.D.  On this day the newly gilded Cross was solemnly blessed after conclusion of the 12:30 pm Solemn High Mass.

The restored and regilded cross gleams in the sunlight in the Chicago skyline, over 100 feet above the street.

On the façade of our own church, the symbol of the Cross is prominent. The center pediment is crowned by a gilded cross that towers over 100 feet above the street. The cross stands 6 feet high and has endured decades of our harsh Chicago climate with its extreme temperatures and high winds.

“We gilded the cross as a sign of hope. The instrument of Our Lord’s passion and death, rough hewn and once covered with the Precious Blood, is now radiant with the glory of the Resurrection.”

In just a few days, artists and engineers worked to remove the cross and restored it to its former beauty and luster.  New layers of gold leaf were added and the cross now shines forth in brightness and splendor over Chicago’s River West neighborhood, even being visible from the nearby Kennedy Expressway.

Artists from Daprato Rigali Studios working around the clock to gild the cross, so it is ready for Sunday’s blessing.


Attending Mass at SJC
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