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Shower of Roses for Pentecost

Every Pentecost, Rome’s Pantheon practices a beautiful and ancient custom of dropping rose petals through the circular oculus opening at the top of the dome. The petals fall on the people in the pews below, reminiscent of the descent of the Holy Spirit like tongues of flame.

The Canons Regular are pleased to continue this Roman tradition at St. John Cantius Church in Chicago.

The Vigil of Pentecost concludes Eastertide in a profound way. On Saturday, May 27th at 9:00 PM we will gather and pray in Latin according to the 2002 Missal with Mary and the Apostles in the “upper room,” and await the Holy Spirit. Join us for this special Mass, which will also fulfill the Sunday obligation.

Just as the Easter Vigil is a powerful celebration of the beginning of Eastertide, the extended Vigil of Pentecost can be a powerful conclusion to Easter and can provide a rich and full celebration of the mystery of Pentecost—the mystery of the God, who through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, calls us to deeper communion so that the Spirit of God might burn brighter in our lives.

On Sunday, May 28th, there will be rose petals showering from the ceiling at the end of the 9 am, 11 am, and 12:30 PM Masses. Come join us to experience the beauty for yourself!


Attending Mass at SJC
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