Renew My Church Initiative to Begin in October

Dear Parishioners,

Renew My Church is an Archdiocesan wide initiative that seeks to invigorate the local church by making disciples, building communities, and inspiring witness. As many of you have already heard, our parish’s engagement in Renew My Church begins in October of this year. With the updated start date, our parish has been included in a new grouping of parishes with strong historical ties— St. Stanislaus Kostka and Holy Trinity and St. John Cantius.

St. Stanislaus Kostka, founded in 1867, is our historic mother church, staffed by

the Congregation of the Resurrection, who also built our church. St. Stans’s was

saved from destruction on many occasions, has been restored to her original beauty

over the past 30 years under the direction of Fr. Anthony Buś, C.R. The parish has

been a sanctuary for perpetual adoration and devotion to the Divine Mercy.

Holy Trinity (Kościół Trójcy Świętej), founded in 1872, was set up as a mission for

the Polish Catholics, and like St. John’s and St. Stan’s, the church was saved from ruin

and has undergone major restoration and today is a vibrant parish under the direction

of Fr. Andrzej Totzke, SChr., a member of the religious community of the Society of Christ.

I see the grouping of these three parishes as providential. It consists of three churches, three religious orders with unique gifts and charisms, but dedicated to one Faith. There has been a long-time collaboration between our parishes: we have hosted prayer events, Marian processions, or participated in the seven churches on Holy Thursday. As St. Stanislaus Kostka has grown over the years, our priests have enjoyed assisting Fr. Anthony by offering Masses, hearing confessions, and any other needed ministry.

I have already met with Fr. Anthony and Fr. Andrzej, and as pastors of our parishes, we are excited to be able to take this opportunity, to assist and grow with these centers of Catholic life within walking distance of our own parish. We plan to pull together and assist one another as Renew My Church continues to lead us into a deeper discussion and discernment about how best to use our resources so as to ensure that what past generations have given us will continue to be available in its fullness and splendor in our own time.

This is a time for renewal and a deepening of the faith in our parishes. It is a time for hope, a chance to take that which might need a little attention and care, so invigorate growth and restoration. This is an opportunity for us, as a parish, to support and work with our mother and sister churches directly around us. Now is a chance to learn from them, to grow with them, to share with them, as we continue our mission to Restore the Sacred and bring the faithful to God.

Please continue to pray for our parish as well as St. Stanislaus Kostka and Holy Trinity throughout this process. We look forward to working together and expanding the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, in our neighborhoods and our city

Sincerely in Christ,

Father Joshua Caswell, SJC

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RMC Letter Sept 15 2020
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