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Registration for Youth Choirs

The late Monsignor Martin B. Hellriegel, of the famous Holy Cross Parish in Baden, MO, always reminded his young choristers that, "There is no such thing in church as 'music for music's sake.'" Instead, the music in the House of God must be 'for the glory of God and the edification of the faithful." In other words, the music must be true worship of God, and not of men.

For over 20 years, St.John Cantius Parish has offered various Youth Choirs that enable our young people to become involved in the rich patrimony of Sacred Music. Our goal is that those involved in our choirs not only learn to sing well, to read music, and to perform at a high level, but, most importantly, that the music they sing forms them as Christians.

Cor et Vox. What the heart contains, the voice expresses.

The aim of our Parish Youth Choirs is to instill virtue in the hearts and minds of our young people. Through actively participating in the liturgical life of the Church, our youth will not only sing "for music's sake," but they will come to understand and sing from their hearts to Him who deserves our praise and love.

We are excited to begin this new year together and hope that we may be able to live up to Monsignor Hellriegel's exhortation and give due honor and worship to God by the harmony of our voice and the union of our hearts.

Fr. Nathan Ford, SJC

Director of Youth Choirs

Registration for all Youth Choirs will take place in the Parish Hall from 10am - 1pm on Sunday, August 15th and Sunday, August 22nd.

For more information on the various Youth Choirs offered at St. John Cantius Parish, please contact us at


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