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Night Litany of a City

O God, our Father, hear us.

We plead before Thee, the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

For all who tonight in this great city stand in the most need of Thy merciful love and protection.

On souls beset by temptation, have mercy.

On those who have fallen into sin, have mercy.

On those who are given up to worldliness and forgetful of Thee, have mercy.

On those who are at this moment in danger of losing Thee forever, have mercy.

By Thine Agony, save them, Jesus.

Those who are tempting to others, convert to Thy Love.

On those who are carrying on wicked trades and profit by sin, have mercy.

On the victims of sin, have mercy.

On those indulging in sinful amusements, have mercy.

On all who are imperiling their souls by self-indulgence and luxury, have mercy.

On all frequenting haunts of sin, have mercy.

By Thy scourging, save them, Jesus.

On all who are out tonight, the homeless, the weary, the starving, those tempted to suicide, the intemperate, have mercy.

On those who are out for sin, have mercy.

To those who are out to rescue others, grant help and protection.

For those who work at night, the police, railway men, firefighters, security guards, those engaged on the stage, service industry workers, soldiers and sailors, editors and journalists, let They Presence be with them, Jesus.

For the sick, suffering, and all who are enduring any agony of mind and body, comfort them, Jesus.

For all undergoing operations, strengthen them, Jesus, and help them in body and soul.

For the sleepless and lonely, be near them.

For those in anxiety, nervous or mental distress, calm them.

For those suffering from serious mental illness, keep them in Thy power.

For those who attend upon the mentally ill, make them tenderhearted and compassionate.

For night nurses, give faithfulness and sympathy.

For priests and doctors called out this night, reward them.

By the Crown of Thorns, deliver them, Jesus.

For those who this night must suffer bereavement, visit and sustain them.

For those for whom this will be their last night on earth, deepen their contrition and receive their souls.

For those whom sudden death summons before Thy Judgment, have mercy.

For those dying alone without priest or sacrament, have mercy.

For those dying rejecting the ministry of Holy Church, have mercy.

On those dying unconscious, have mercy.

On those dying blind to their sin, have mercy.

On the souls of unbelievers and heretics who are near death, have mercy.

On those who are trying to turn to Thee even in this their last hour, have mercy.

For those who are afraid to die, turn their heaviness into joy.

For dying priests, religious and all practicing Catholics, have mercy on them and receive them to Thyself.

For the faithful departed, grant them light and peace.

For ourselves in our last hour, grant the pardon of our sins, our negligences and our ignorances.



On behalf of those who have said no prayers today, let us pray:

Our Father, Hail Mary

Attending Mass at SJC
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