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Solemn Vespers-Mozart’s Vesperæ de Dominica

The Sacred Music 2021-2022 Season at St. John Cantius Church came to a dramatic close on a very special Saturday evening when Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Vesperæ de Dominica, “Solemn Vespers” was sung. Celebrant and Coordinator, Fr. Matthew Schuster, SJC with the St. Cecilia Choir and Orchestra ahead of Trinity Sunday offered an unforgettable evening of beautifully sung prayers.

Pope Gregory the Great established in the 6th century “Vespers” as the seventh of eight prayers during the day or the “Hours of the Divine Office.” The evening service, “Vespers,” is derived from the Jewish blessing of lights at the close of the Sabbath feast (the Lucernarium). Mozart’s masterpiece is divided into six movements, including five psalms and a setting of the Magnificat.

Solemn Vespers-Mozart’s Vesperæ de Dominica was held on Saturday, June 11th, at 6:30 pm at St. John Cantius Church.

Mozart Solomn Vespers poster
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