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Classical Father Daughter Dance

We are excited to host a spectacular evening a Father Daughter Dance on Saturday, June 8th at 6:30 pm in the Parish Hall.

This heartwarming occasion will be filled with the sounds of live classical music while creating precious memories for all Fathers and Daughters!

Any Father figure in a young girls life is welcome to accompany her to the dance. Our goal is to strengthen the relationship through a sense of unity and love within our church family.

Dance lessons to three different dances (the Waltz, Polonaise and Quadrille) will be given on the day of the event starting at 5:45 pm. All are encouraged to attend.

To ensure a most memorable evening we encourage everyone participating to dress in honor of God. Gentlemen have the option of Black Tie and Ladies dressing in their finest attire of modesty. Feel free ladies to wear your gloves, shawls, tiaras or best headpiece.

Ticket and Sponsorship information can be found here. We kindly ask you to purchase your tickets for the event ahead of time.

We hope everyone will feel confident and beautiful with much dancing and laughter at the Classical Father Daughter Dance.


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