St. Joseph Altar Restoration Continues

“I wish I could persuade everyone to be devoted to this glorious saint [St. Joseph], for I have great experience of the blessings that he can obtain from God. I have never known anyone to be truly devoted to him and render him particular services who did not notably advance in virtue, for he gives very real help to souls who commend themselves to him.” St. Theresa of Avila.

Updated June 19, 2021

We are pleased to announce this Father's Day weekend, that through the generosity of over 500 people that we have reached our fundraising goal of $248,000 for the restoration of St. Joseph's Altar!

You can still submit your prayer intentions and offerings. Additional funds collected will go towards any overages on this project or towards the future restoration of Our Lady's altar. All prayer intentions will be placed in the restored St. Joseph's altar for years to come.

Margaret Sawczuk hard at work

This past week, Father Joshua met with Margaret Sawczuk, the Lead Restoration Artist to check in on the progress and learn more about the restoration process.

Updated June 5, 2021

The restoration of St. Joseph's altar is underway. All 90 gilded ornaments have been removed along with hundreds of rusty nails. Work is being done to fill in gaps and repair the structural integrity of the altar.

We kicked the work off with a High Mass for the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, on May 1st. Though the work has begun, we are still in need of funds.

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As we celebrate the Year of St. Joseph, we are restoring St. Joseph’s altar as an offering and a prayer for the Church. Seeking the intercession of this mighty Saint, we wish to repair and regild, in 24k gold leaf, this altar to match our magnificently restored High Altar.

Help Us Honor St. Joseph

We are inviting friends of St. Joseph to make an offering and a prayer intention to St. Joseph. All prayer intentions will be placed in the restored altar when it is completed.

The St. Joseph Altar is in dire need of repair and restoration. The altar’s stability is compromised by deep vertical cracks including cracks in the altar’s base. Much of the carved wood-and-gilded ornamentation is either discolored, damaged, or missing and the entire surface of the altar needs to be cleaned.

The St. Joseph Altar is used not only as an altar for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but it also supports an elaborate and heavy Christmas Creche, the Holy Thursday repository, the Good Friday tomb, and the Resurrection tableau throughout Eastertide. The extraordinary use, in addition to the normal depredations of time and circumstance, have contributed to the altar’s need for repair and restoration.

The repair and restoration of the St. Joseph Altar will be accomplished in three phases from May 1, 2021 to February 2, 2022. We begin on the Feast of St. Joseph (May 1) the Worker and we will dedicate the finished project on the Feast of Candlemas (Feb 2), which is a period of nine months.

The project cost is estimated to be $248,000.00. The Canons Regular of St. John Cantius have made an offering to St. Joseph of $25,000, 10% of the total project cost. Join them in this work of the Restoration of the Sacred. This project cannot be completed without your help.

WE INVITE YOU to make an offering with your prayer intention to St. Joseph:

  1. Donate Online now or send in a donation by mail.

  2. Submit your prayer intention online or include it it with your check

All submitted intentions will be permanently placed in the restored altar where Mass will be celebrated.

We are also seeking leadership gifts from individuals who can assist the Canons Regular in this project. If you are interested in making an offering above $5000, please contact Father Joshua Caswell, SJC at or call the office at 312.243.7373.

Please make checks payable to the “AMDG Foundation” with, "St. Joseph Altar" in the memo line.

Mail checks and prayer intentions to:

St. Joseph’s Altar

AMDG Foundation

1025 W. Fry Street

Chicago, IL 60642

Download a prayer intention form below.

StJoseph_For website
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