Bishop Perry’s Homily - Easter, 2021

We were blessed to welcome His Excellency Bishop Joseph Perry of the Archdiocese of Chicago to celebrate a Pontifical High Mass for Easter Sunday, April 4th. It was a pleasure to hear His Excellency speak in his homily, enclosed below, on the sorrow of Good Friday and the inexpressible joy of Our Lord's Resurrection three days later.

Each Easter we renew the vows of our baptism which sealed us in Christ’s legacy because we need to keep focus. The day of our baptism we said “yes” to Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, each day, each of us can still say: 'I want to be converted to Christ. I want to repent of any sinfulness in my life that I am holding on to' spending as much as we can of our lives recognizing our pathologies and our biases. In Christian terms this means embracing the way of humility and love be