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Altar Cards
Used for Extraordinary form of the Roman Rite
Altar Cards for the Tridentine Latin Mass 1962
14” x 25” (card #1) and 9” x 14” (cards #2 and #3) - lovely three-card set, gold embossed, 
printed on heavy cardstock and ready to be framed to match any altar
 Click here to order the Mass Altar Cards  $75.00 

Mass Altar CardsWhen celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass, three Altar Cards are placed on the Altar to assist the memory of the priest in saying the prayers of the Mass of All Ages. These prayers are printed on three cards and placed at the middle of the altar and on the Epistle and Gospel corners of the altar. Detail of Altar Card

 The Missal of Pope Pius V calls the large Altar Card the "Tabella Secretarum" (tit. xx), and it contains prayers such as the “Gloria in excelsis,” the “Credo in unum Deum,” as well as the prayers of the Offertory and Consecration. The Altar Card placed on the Gospel corner provides the text of the Last Gospel, which is recited at the end of Mass.  For the sake of symmetry, the last Altar Card is placed on the Epistle corner and provides the prayer "Deus qui humanae substantiae," which the priest says as he blesses the water. It also gives the prayer for the "Lavabo,” said as the priest washes his hands. 

Mass Altar Cards

This lovely set of Altar Cards is printed on heavy cardstock and can be beautifully framed to match any altar. We are happy to offer this set of three Altar cards at the very low price of $75.00 (USD), plus shipping and handling charges.

Click here to order the Mass Altar Cards
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