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Why Consider a Full-Size Platform Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are not as common as other types of beds. If you are looking for uniqueness in your guest or kid’s bedroom, you can get a platform bed frame full canopy. If you prefer platform beds, you can go for this design that was initially used to enhance privacy and warmth.

What Is a Platform Canopy Bed?

What makes a canopy bed unique is the four posters on its side and the fabric that drapes over them. There are beds with four posters but what distinguishes a canopy bed? It is the fabric that hangs down on the sides and is usually thick. This is not unique, but it also enhances warmth and privacy. When sleeping, the fabric seems to be falling from the ceiling.

Why Consider a Canopy Platform Bed?

For the guest or the kids’ room, you can consider a full-size canopy bed. Besides the privacy and the uniqueness, there are other reasons you should buy these beds.

  • Enhances Warmth and Blocks Light

One reason canopy beds were popular is the warmth they bring. The fabric that hangs from the top of the posters encloses the bed to keep it warm. This is especially helpful in winter when temperatures are extremely low. You can be assured that the fabric will block the wind.

On the other hand, you probably prefer to wake up late or take naps during the day. Light can be a challenge in this case but it does not have to be when you have a full platform bed canopy. It will be possible to sleep better even during the day. You should get thick or blackout fabric for this purpose.

  • It Is Easy to Customize the Bedroom

Perhaps, from time to time, there are different themes for the house or even the bedroom. A full-size platform canopy bed makes it easy to customize themes and transform the room as much as you can.

  • Enhances Privacy

When most people are in bed, they do not want obstruction. It could be from light or movement. With hanging linen on the posters, this will enhance privacy and minimize disturbance.

How High Should the Full-Size Platform Canopy Bed Be?

Whether the room has a high or a low ceiling, it can still accommodate a canopy bed. The four posters at the corner can be as low as 78 inches or as high as 83 inches. The most important thing is to consider the size of the room. The design of fabric, color, and thickness can be changed from time to time.

The full size bed platform canopy that measures 54 inches by 75 inches is stylish for any bedroom. What makes them versatile is the fact that you can change the fabric that hangs from the posters. Whether you want a blue-themed bedroom, a white one, or a brown, you just need to change the fabric. It is easy to customize the bedroom and the linen helps in keeping the bed warm. It also enhances privacy and reduces light.



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