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Professional. Technical. Routine. Since its beginning, AutoCAD has been used by professionals and students alike for a broad range of applications. AutoCAD never looked back. It continues to evolve as the needs of its users evolve.As AutoCAD 2023 is being built, it is undergoing a transformation designed to make it more secure and more efficient and easier to use. It includes many new and improved features, as well as an improved user experience.More flexible, powerful, and extensible than ever. From standard 2D drawing tools to advanced 3D modeling features, AutoCAD is fully capable of creating a wide range of drawings. It can also quickly generate 2D drawings from 3D models.Software helps you make better decisions faster. Reduce the number of mistakes you make, and learn from them, with automatic "culling" for parallel projection and stereo pairs, and improved error and warning messages.AutoCAD 2023 demonstrates how:2D drawings are used to create a 3D model, that is then converted to print-ready 2D drawingsAs a new 2D drawing is created, the 3D model is automatically updatedA 2D drawing is viewed by the user, modified, and incorporated into the 3D modelAn existing 3D model is viewed, updated, and incorporated into the 2D drawingChanges to the 3D model are reflected in the 2D drawing, and vice versaThe ability to view and interact with parts of the 3D model outside of the 2D drawingModeling by connecting 2D views and 3D geometryAbility to view the 2D drawing in a 3D environment3D modeling by connecting 2D views and 3D geometry (video: 9:52 min.)Automatic drafting assistanceImprovements in existing tools, functions, and user experienceSpeed and ease of operationGeneral improvements for more efficient and accurate use of all the tools in AutoCADUseful enhancements in the Dimension, 3D Modeling, and Text toolsAn easier-to-use design review environment and a richer set of tools for 2D draftingPractical enhancements to existing tools and functionsAn improved tool palette with smaller icons, more information, and better organizationThe ability to change and adjust the size of windows and toolbarsA redesigned menu bar, with easy access to the 2be273e24d



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