Respect Life Committee

The mission of the St. John Cantius Respect Life Committee is to promote a culture of life, where every human being is valued and protected from the moment of conception until natural death. We seek to convert hearts and minds on all life issues through prayer, educational events, public awareness campaigns and charitable activities. Efforts are directed toward opposition of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and euthanasia, promotion of chastity, and presentation of Catholic teaching regarding artificial contraception.

The St. John Cantius Respect Life Committee provides willing support of authentic organizations that promote a culture of life, and are in conformity with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Our current fund raising campaigns support The Women’s Center ( of greater Chicagoland. The Women’s Center is a crisis pregnancy center that provides assistance to women who are facing difficult pregnancies. Assistance includes counseling and referral services, as well as material help, such as clothing, food, baby goods, furniture (cribs and baby needs), toiletries, and other basic family needs.

The St. John Cantius Respect Life Committee supports the Archdiocesan Legislative Alert campaigns. These campaigns provide information on upcoming legislation related to life issues. Participants receive e-mail alerts when such legislation is coming up for a vote, and are provided with recommended messages to deliver to their state or local representative. Through timely delivery of feedback to our elected officials, Catholics CAN make a difference in the legislative process.

The St. John Cantius Respect Life Committee seeks to increase understanding of life issues throughout our parish, and throughout the local community. Previous events have included presentations by experts in areas such as biotechnology and constitutional law on subjects including Roe v Wade, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, and the recent Supreme Court decision on Partial Birth Abortion.

The St. John Cantius Respect Life Committee believes that prayer is the bedrock of all efforts to transform our culture into a culture of life. Recent and ongoing prayer campaigns have included a Mass of Thanksgiving for the recent Supreme Court Decision upholding the ban on partial birth abortion, spiritual adoption of an unborn baby, and the continued support of all who are working in the Respect Life movement.

Prayer of Reparation for the Sin of Contraception

God, our Father, in Your infinite goodness You have permitted married couples to take part in Your creative process and I thank You for this unfathomable privilege.

I beg for Your Mercy on all those who have fallen through selfishness into a rejection of Your Divine Plan by an acceptance of the contraceptive mentality.

I beg for Your special graces to break the demonic, anti-life, contraceptive hold on so many couples, that has launched the human race into death worship and mass suicide.

I beg that You renew in Your children the hope and confidence in Your loving plan for mankind that inspired previous generations to bring forth children to give You glory and to populate and govern Your creation.

This we pray through Jesus Christ, Your Son and Our Lord.


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