Patrons of Sacred Music at St. John Cantius

There’s romance associated with being the ‘starving artist.’ But, in reality, musicians need to make a living like everyone else. Church musicians make large sacrifices of their time and talent throughout the liturgical year so that our ears can be enriched with sacred chant and polyphony.

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Patrons of Sacred Music
Attn: Fr. Matthew Schuster
825 N. Carpenter St.
Chicago IL 60642-5405

The organists, singers and orchestral musicians who render the musical offering before God’s holy altar are rarely compensated according to the professional level of their musicianship. And in many places their talents are not appreciated at all, nor is the Church’s patrimony of music.

But here at St. John Cantius, we want to provide the most beautiful gems from the Catholic treasury of sacred music so that the sense of the sacred can be restored through the awesome gift of music. This means the Church needs your ongoing financial support in order to provide for the needs of our organists, vocalists and orchestral musicians.

The composer Franz Haydn relied upon the support of the wealthy Esterhazy family. One of Mozart’s patrons was Emperor Joseph II, the “Musical King,” who steered Austria into high culture through the arts. Since there aren’t many princes left to approach today, it is now the role to the common man to be a patron of the arts through donations large or small. God reward you!

Notes from the Choir
Newsletter for the Patrons of Sacred Music. You can download it here in PDF format.

Sponsoring Musical Events

Contact Father Matthew Schuster, SJC at St. John Cantius Church if you would like to sponsor sacred music events.