Crusaders for Life

Crusaders for Life
Crusaders for Life at the March for Life 2015 in Washington DC

About Us

Who are the ‘Crusaders?’

The ‘Crusaders for Life’ is a youth-led grassroots movement of pro-life youth from Chicago and beyond. Founded by a few initial members, the Crusaders are committed to educating themselves on all life issues in order to defend life with confidence and conviction. Although not officially an organization of St. John Cantius Parish, the Crusaders originally involved youth from Saint John Cantius Church (Chicago) and Saint Peter’s Church (Volo), but has expanded to other cities including: Downers Grove, IL; Danbury, CT; and Detroit; MI.

The Crusaders understand that the biggest tools to conquer the culture of death are prayer and love. Spreading their message in all that they do, they have become known for their spirited and joyful enthusiasm and signature yellow ‘Life Balloons’ which have become an international symbol of the joy of the pro-life movement.

Current Administration:

President: Annie Streeter
Vice-President: Maggie Dietz
Secretary: Darrell McCullough
Treasurer: Anthony Chapello

Chaplain: Br. Nathan Ford, S.J.C.


As the Crusaders for Life we work to educate ourselves on the issue of abortion so that we are better prepared to advance the pro-life cause in our schools, workplaces, and families. By fully understanding what abortion does to the unborn and their mothers and fathers, we are less likely to become numb to the fact that it happens every day by the thousands. With this understanding we try to spread the truth everywhere we go by participating in rallies, marches, protests, and prayer vigils. Through joy and prayer we hope to re-establish the belief that there is beauty and sacredness in every life, born and unborn, and that each life needs to be cherished and protected. - Annie Streeter, President

Get Involved

Praying at Abortion Clinics:

The Crusaders try to individually make it out to an abortion clinic at least once a month in order to pray and give witness by their presence and joy.

Life Tour:

The Crusaders go on an annual ‘Life Tour’ sometime around January 22nd to travel throughout the country to spread joy, the message of life, and to bring this issue into the public sphere. It is a three bus, three day road trip to stand and shout and sing for LIFE with thousands of good people from across the country for those who cannot speak.


Lifeapalooza is a weekend of games, camping, prayer, fellowship, and pro-life talks accompanied by a ‘Crusader’s fashioned’ Pro-Life flash mob. Usually taking place in Lawton, MI ‘Lifeapalooza’ is an event where members of the Crusaders (as well as other Pro-Life youth throughout the Midwest) come together to enjoy the last days of summer and to help build a Pro-Life culture.

Monthly Meetings:

WHO: Any teens interested in getting more involved in the Pro-Life movement!
WHEN: The third Friday of every month 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: Usually in the Cafe at St. John Cantius Church (825 N. Carpenter St. Chicago, IL 60642)
WHAT: Guest Speakers, Prayer, Planning for Events, Social Time
WHY: To become an educated and effective Pro-Life witness to the world!