Sunday Afternoon Organ Concert

On Sunday, September 8th at 3:00 pm, join Milwaukee Organist, Karen Beaumont, for an extraordinary concert featuring music by Bach as well as the best of French baroque music for organ. All welcome and admission is a free will donation.

Come hear the magnificent organ 'Tina Mae' and it's 3,790 pipes!

"Bach and the French"

Minuet in d minor from the French Suites
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Duo: Recit de Cromorne
Nicolas De Gringny (1672-1703, France)

Duo: Trio Basset et Dessus de Trompette ou Cornet
Basse de Cromorne

Recit de Nazard
Dialogue sur les Grands Jeux
Louis-Nicolas Clerambault (1676-1749, France)

Minuet and Gigue in b minor from the French Suites
Johann Sebastian Bach

Premier Couplet du KyrieRecit de Chromhorne

Basse de Trompette

Dialogue sur les grands jeux
Recit de Cornet
Dialogue sur les grands jeux
from The Mass for the Convents
François Couperin (1668-1733, France)

Air and Gigue in c minor from the French Suites
Johann Sebastian Bach

Piece d’Orgue BWV 572
Johann Sebastian Bach


• "...I liked your playing...nice to hear a program of real organ music." John Scott, St. Thomas, NYC
• "It was such a pleasure... to hear you play again. It was a fascinating programme and a welcome contrast to the normal fare. I do hope you will come again, perhaps in 2018..." Peter Wright, Southwark Cathedral, London
• "...your CD recording is BEAUTIFUL!!! THANK YOU!!!" Peter Pany, CEO, Musikverlag Doblinger, Vienna, Austria


Karen Beaumont provided the organ and choral music at St. James Episcopal Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1988-2011 She received her degree in Music History from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Ms. Beaumont made her solo debut in New York City at St. Thomas Church in September 1999 and performs regularly in that city as well as other cities in North America and in Europe. She has recorded two volumes of French Organ Noels, two volumes of Spanish Organ Music, Austrian Organ Music from 1550-1800, selections from the Well-Tempered Clavier, a world premiere recording in collaboration with Musikverlag Doblinger of Vienna in 2015 of selections from Ein barockes Orgelbuch, and a recording of the music of Jean-Francois Dandrieu. All the recordings are available on EBay. She is a piano and organ instructor and also plays the French Horn.

Visit Karen's web site: