Youth Reflect on the March for Life

“I was given the chance to love, sacrifice, and grow with a group of people I barely even knew. It was exhausting. But I cannot even express how thrilled I am to have been able to be a part of it.”

Cantius Youth at the National March for Life in DC

Over 150 of our youth had an amazing adventure at the National March for Life in DC. The youth departed on Thursday, January 17th on three buses and will returned Sunday evening, January 20th.

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The youth are members of the Crusaders for Life, a youth-led grassroots movement of pro-life youth from Chicago and beyond. The chaplains are Fr. Nathan Caswell, SJC and Br. Nathan Ford, SJC. The Crusaders for Life have especially become known for their spirited and joyful enthusiasm and signature yellow ‘Life Balloons’ which have become an international symbol of the joy of the pro-life movement.

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The Crusaders for Life have staged demonstrations in cities across the United States, like St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis. The Crusaders are committed to educating themselves on all life issues in order to defend life with confidence and conviction. The Crusaders understand that the biggest tools to conquer the culture of death are prayer and love.

Although not officially an organization of St. John Cantius Parish, the Crusaders originally involved youth from Saint John Cantius Church (Chicago) and Saint Peter’s Church (Volo), but has expanded to other cities including: Downers Grove, IL; Danbury, CT; and Detroit; MI.

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    To learn more about the 'Crusaders for Life' a grassroots movement of pro-life youth known for spirited and joyful enthusiasm and signature yellow balloons, visit: or visit their page on Facebook or Instagram