Cantius youth ride double-decker buses to Chicago March for Life

Hundreds of youth from the Chicago ‘Crusaders for Life’ loaded on double-decker buses on January 18 for the Chicago March for Life. Leaving from Saint John Cantius Church with the blessing of Fr. C. Frank Phillips, they first toured various Chicago landmarks—from the Magnificent Mile to the Loop—spreading a joyful pro-life message and engaging pedestrians and onlookers.

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When the Crusaders arrived at the rally in the two double-decker buses the crowd went electric with enthusiam. Decked in yellow, with bright yellow balloons bearing the word “LIFE” the youth joined the rally already in progress where Archbishop Blase Cupich addressed a crowd of thousands.

Archbishop Blase Cupich, pro-life “We are here as we March, as we do so shoulder to shoulder, to send a signal, that we are a people who wants to accompany people. We want to walk with other people!  We want to support them in their life!  And that means not only the unborn, but the mother who is afraid… or the person who has a difficulty welcoming life into the world because they have been abandoned. We are here to accompany them. So when people see us walking together shoulder to shoulder, they will see a people who are wanting to accompany others. That’s the motivation. It is not about criticizing, condemning or judging one another.  It’s about accompanying one another, because that’s what life is all about—living in community. That’s why we march today. That’s why I march today.”—Archbishop Blase Cupich

From the Federal Plaza they joined Illinois Right to Life and pro-lifers from all over Chicago as they chanted, drummed and marched through downtown—at times the crowd of 4,000-plus stretched several blocks. The march ended with another rally outside the Thompson Center.

The “Crusaders for Life”  originally involved youth from Saint John Cantius Church and Saint Peter’s Church (Volo), but has expanded to other cities like Detroit. The Crusaders have become known for spirited and joyful enthusiasm and signature yellow balloons which have become a international symbol of the joy of the pro-life movement.

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Yesterday yellow balloons were carried by throngs,  at times up to 4,000 strong,  stretching out over several blocks,  four years later in the same city where the rosary was sent skyward—an answer to the prayers of 20 school girls… Sun shining over Chicago the Yellow LIFE Balloons »

Video from Chicago Sun Times of Chicago March for Life