Youth Reflect on Why they March for Life

More than 150 youth and young adults loaded onto 3 buses and made the 15 hour drive to Washington, D.C. to stand up and defend the rights of the weakest members of our society—the unborn.

March for Life 2015
Cheering on the March for Life in Washington, DC

The ‘Crusaders for Life’ with their signature yellow balloons and bright hoodies staged themselves at the beginning of the March and cheered and sang for the more than the half-million marchers before taking up the rear and heading to the front of the Supreme Court where they knelt and prayed for the protection of the unborn.

Fr. Nathan Caswell led the group and was assisted by Fr. Jim Isaacson, Fr. Joshua Caswell, and Brother Matthew Schuster. The group departed on February 21 and returned on February 23.

March for Life
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Youth Reflect on what it means to March for Life

Feet stamping
Hearts pounding
Loud voices resounding
A prayer pulsing
With the beet of the drum

A prayer for lives
Will break the ties
Chains that bind
Hearts and minds
To the lie that cries:

Voices chanting
Feet dancing
It’s a prayer advancing
To Heaven’s gates
And to men’s ears

A holy presence
A luminescence
As we communicate that very essence
Of what love IS
We witness this through
Self gift
It’s heralding

We are the prayer
Grace is the air
We’ve come to share
—Katherine Morehead

…Out of the darkness, a brighter and stronger Church, like the phoenix on the flag of the Archdiocese of Chicago; a culture of life will rise and it a will reign at the end of eternity.
—Anthony Chappello

As yellow balloon trees rose into the sky
We were thinking of the innocent babies who were doomed to die.
We kept our spirits and cheered all the way
saving our energy for the things we would accomplish throughout the day.
In front of the Supreme Court, we knelt down and prayed
For all the lost babies that God had ever made.
But we had to keep fighting and we had to keep strong
We had to convince people that abortion was wrong.
—Faye Chappello

As many have aptly pointed out, the only way we will defeat abortion is love! I have seen the reason that we are all so joyful on the March. It is because of our love and sacrifice. When we suffer, there is always the option of offering it in union with Christ’s offering, whether it be by turning the other cheek when something goes wrong on the bus, choosing charity when we’re tired and irritable, or getting over embarrassment to sing and chant, giving our all on the March, Mother Teresa found the paradox when she said, “If you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt. Only love.”
—Olivia Brady

We call ourselves pro-life. We chanted it about 100 times yesterday. But what exactly does that mean? Does being pro-life mean that we can be rude to pro-choicers or shun people who don’t support our cause? No we believe that every life is worth something and that Go has a special plan for everyone. To be pro-life is to be pro-love.  A person who truly embraces the prolife spirit knows that abortion is a form of hate and the only way to fight hate is love. So because of this we must hold ourselves to very high standards. We must give and expect nothing in return and many times we will have to turn the other cheek. But we must never be silent as to what we believe We must be pro-life. We must be pro-love.
—Gabriele Perez

It has been 43 years and we are just now in tears. Roe v. Wade has claimed innocent lives and we can’t go back in time. We are we so blinded? Blinded by the lies of society where we most need piety. We raise our voices because the choices made shouldn’t be choices today. Life is so sacred we want to save all no matter big or small. God has given us the time we need, so let’s use it to help the least of these.
—Jean Taglia

I started to cry when I saw the ‘I regret my abortion’ signs

The 8th Crusade
They march through our streets
Proclaiming the glory of life.
Some of them shouting war chants
In golden armor of might.

Look at them over there
standing at the gates.
Waving their mighty banners
And drawing the hearts of men.

And as our leaders stare down
From their house upon the hill
Fear strikes their very hearts
For the LIFE brigade is here.

“Is this another Jericho?” some mock
As the army marches by,
but really it is only guilt
from a tragedy of nigh.

So march on, march on the LIFE Brigade!
Until everyone comes to see
That no matter how big or small,
—Joel Sacris

The philosophy is that if we can show people that life is beautiful, then people will cease to destroy it.
—Kevin Hamilton

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*The ‘Crusaders for Life’ originally involved youth from Saint John Cantius Church and Saint Peter’s Church (Volo), but has expanded to other cities like Detroit. The Crusaders have become known for spirited and joyful enthusiasm and signature yellow balloons which have become a international symbol of the joy of the pro-life movement.