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For the sanctification of youth and the 'restoration of the sacred', by way of liturgical, spiritual, service, and social channels.


Quo Vadis is a group of Catholics ages 18-35 dedicated to the sanctification of youth that have a special appreciation for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. Through spiritual service and social events we strive to build a strong Catholic family and become closer to Christ. We ask the question "Where are you going?" and propose the answer that the beginning of the Mass suggests: "I will go unto the altar of God, who giveth joy to my youth."

Father Frank Phillips giving a talk to some of the young adults at St. John Cantius

Juventutem (pronounced "Yoo-ven-too-tem") has chapters located in many countries made up of youth who have had similar experiences with the liturgy as our own and hence we are part of a worldwide community.

Before it was affiliated with Juventutem, Quo Vadis was started in the spring of 2012 in the basement of St John Cantius. Our first official event was in March of 2012 .

Though we meet weekly at the centrally located St. John Cantius parish (Wednesday at 7:30pm - Mass), we welcome all those who might attend from the Chicagoland area to ask the question "Where are you going?" We suggest that the answer is "Introibo ad altare Dei, ad Deum qui lætificat IUVENTUTEM meam." (to the altar of God, to God who gives joy to my youth.")

Wednesday night fellowship at St. John Cantius

Quo Vadis young adults at a Chicago Cubs game outing!

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Commitments for Officially Joining Juventutem

The commitments of each individual who joins Juventutem are:

      1. to pray the psalm Judica me or some other prayer each day for the sanctification of youth
      2. to visit a church and adore Our Lord, once a week (can be before or after Sunday Mass)
      3. to attend the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) at least once a year
      4. to go to confession at least once a year
      5. to participate in at least one Juventutem event per year
      6. to annually support the International Juventutem Federation head office with prayer and funds (10€/$13US)

Judica Me (Psalm 42) In English:

      (Ant.) I will go in to the altar of God: to God Who giveth joy to my youth.

      Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy;
      deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man.

      For Thou art, God, my strength; why hast Thou cast me off?
      and why do I go sorrowful whilst the enemy afflicteth me?

      Send forth Thy light and Thy truth:
      they have conducted me and brought me unto Thy holy hill, and into Thy tabernacles.
      And I will go in to the altar of God: to God Who giveth joy to my youth.

      To Thee, O God, my God, I will give praise upon the harp:
      why art thou sad, O my soul, and why dost thou disquiet me?
      Hope in God, for I will still give praise to Him, the salvation of my countenance and my God.

      Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.
      As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

      (Ant.) I will go in to the altar of God: to God Who giveth joy to my youth.

Judica Me (Psalm 42) In Latin:

      (Ant.) Introibo ad altare Dei: ad Deum qui lætificat juventutem meam.

      Judica me Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta:
      ab homine iniquo et doloso erue me.

      Quia tu es Deus fortitudo mea: quare me repulisti,
      et quare tristis incedo, dum affligit me inimicus?

      Emitte lucem tuam, et veritatem tuam: ipsa me deduxerunt,
      et adduxerunt in montem sanctum tuum, et in tabernacula tua.
      Et introibo ad altare Dei: ad Deum qui lætificat juventutem meam.

      Confitebor tibi in cithara Deus, Deus meus:
      quare tristis es anima mea, et quare conturbas me?
      Spera in Deo, quoniam adhuc confitebor illi: salutare vultus mei, et Deus meus.

      Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritu Sancto.
      Sicut erat in principio et nunc, et semper, et in sæcula sæculorum. Amen.

      Introibo ad altare Dei: ad Deum qui lætificat juventutem meam.