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Cardinal Music

“His Eminence taught us that the sacred liturgy helps to bring our faith to its fulfillment.”

ONE MONTH HAS PASSED since Francis Cardinal George ended his earthly pilgrimage.

Yesterday (Sunday, May 17), at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral, His Eminence’s ‘galero’ was raised to the rafters in a centuries old tradition at the “Month’s Mind” Mass. As teary eyes gazed skyward at the ascending red hat, sacred music filled the Cathedral as the choir sang a hymn based on the motto of Cardinal George’s Episcopal Motto, Christo, Gloria in Ecclesia (To Christ be glory in the Church).

This was indeed a fitting tribute for someone devoted to the Church’s treasury of sacred music and liturgy. We are happy to share this reflection by priest, musician, and composer Rev. Scott Haynes, SJC on the Cardinal George’s liturgical and musical legacy…

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