Virtual Experience of Saint John Cantius Church

Dec. 16, 2014

We are pleased to share this virtual experience of Saint John Cantius Church. Enjoy sweeping 360° high definition panoramas of the artwork and architecture inside of one of Chicago’s most stunning churches. After you finish looking up at the ceiling and decoration, scroll down and see the intricate inlaid hardwood floors containing varieties of wood from around the world.

Click to enter the Virtual Experience…Church chicago

TO NAVIGATE, click and drag the mouse cursor.To enter a new scene, click the white arrows found throughout the church. For best results use a broadband internet connection, ensure your speakers or headphones are on, and view in full screen mode on a large HD monitor.

Letter from the Pastor

Hoc loco habitat fortune, hic quiescit cor.
“In this place abides happiness, here the heart finds peace.”

For over 120 years this church has been a place of happiness as well as a place where the hearts of so many faithful have found peace.  The beauty of the church building inspires one to raise mind and heart to God.  The austere stone facade with the inscription Ad majorem Dei gloriam sets the tone that not only this structure, but everything we do is done for the greater glory of God.  The warmth of the interior, while massive, invites the visitor into a church reminiscent of churches in Europe, most especially Poland.  The give and take of the contrasts of light from the stained glass windows on the wood altars, balustrades, and floor truly give one a sense of peace.

But a church is more than the art and architecture it contains.  The structure is brought to life through the Church’s theology which is carried out in the sacred ceremonies of the Mass, the Sacraments, a variety of devotions, and Her sacred music ranging from Gregorian chant to the classical works of Mozart, Haydn, and Schubert.  All of these are united, as in a symphony, with the art, architecture, and the light contrasted against the dark wood.

It is with great pleasure that we present this virtual experience of St. John Cantius. The structure itself speaks of the majesty of God and the Divine worship which occurs daily.  Over the past twenty-five years much has been done to restore the beauty of this church. We been able to restore the stained glass windows each telling a story of our Faith in the medium of glass.  The wood floor, with its inlaid medallions that form a miniature catechism of the life of Christ, complements the wood altars.  The High Altar, and painting of St. John Cantius, our patron, brought back to its original splendor, brings our attention to this humble priest of the Middle Ages.  The soaring bell tower boasts four bells which announce the time, feast days, weddings, and funerals.  The tower chimes and carillon provide the surrounding neighborhood with melodies from sacred chant to devotional hymns.  In restoring the sacred, we have also been able to commission many new liturgical works of art, such as the replica of the Wit Stwosz altar or the new crowns for our Blessed Lady, the “Matka Boska z Chicago”.

Special thanks to Matthew Furlong of ViderExto for his countless hours that brought the beauty Saint John Cantius Church to this digital medium that can be seen and appreciated around the world.

To all who visit this church in this virtual experience, let me extend to you my heartfelt welcome. May you enjoy the beauty of this House of God and find peace as I do each time I enter this building.

Rev. C. Frank Phillips, C.R.

Saint John Cantius Church