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IIt is time to register for St. John Cantius’ springs classes. Unless otherwise specified below, classes start October 1, 2017, and end January 7, 2018. All classes meet on Sundays. There are no classes on November 26th and December 24th.

The cost is $50.00 for the class and $50.00 for the textbook. You have always wanted a deeper appreciation of our Church’s languages and heritage. Now is your chance to begin or to continue your study of the language and history of the Church. All classes meet in the Canonry at 1025 W. Fry St., Chicago, IL. Enter the building from the south door between the Canonry and the Church. All students for any class or program must register on the first day of class.

Instructors for Fall 2017

Rupert J. Ward Latin I

Joseph Latham Latin II

Joseph G. Phelps
Latin III

Richard J. Rodriguez: Hebrew Class
Richard J. Rodriguez
Introductory Biblical Hebrew

Christopher Jones
Introductory Biblical Greek

Gianluca Butticè
Basic Italian 101 an 102