Celebrating 125 Years

125th Anniversary Logo of St. John CantiusSt John Cantius Parish is celebrating its 125th year! Below are some offerings and information on our anniversary celebrations.

The cornerstone of our church was laid 125 years ago in September of 1893 by Archbishop Patrick Feehan. By Christmas of 1893, the crudely finished basement church had been sufficiently completed, so that the first Mass of the new parish could be celebrated there on Christmas Eve. This date was special to the parishioners as December 24th also marks the death anniversary of our parish patron, St. John Cantius, in 1473.

This Christmas Eve as we celebrate the birth of our savior in a poor stable in Bethlehem, we especially remember the sacrifices of the Polish immigrants who founded and built this magnificent church. Bishop Joseph N. Perry will offer a Solemn Pontifical Mass at midnight.

125th Anniversary Gift Shop

To help celebrate the parish’s 125th anniversary you can purchase a variety of goods with the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius Crest, as well as the 125th Anniversary logo. We are offering T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Tote bags, and more.

Gift Shop

These can be purchased on our CafePress Store.

Cooking with Cantius

“Cooking with Cantius” is the new cookbook of the parishioners and friends of St. John Cantius. With over 500 recipes, from clergy, parishioners, and friends, it is a must have. Get a copy and celebrate the 125th Anniversary of our parish (1893-2018). A treasured keepsake for us all.

Order your copy at Biretta Books or call 1.800.345.6665

Cantius Cookbook

"Awesome is this place,
it is the House of God and the Gate of Heaven!"

Genesis 28:17.
Cornerstone of our church

"This church is a house of God, a gateway to heaven, a house in which our lives begin and end.

God opens the gates to a Christian life for us in this house. Here a child learns his prayers. Here too, everyone can find spiritual guidance and succor in misfortune.

It is a house of God, for God lives within it; it is a gateway to heaven, for it creates Christians according to the teachings of Christ."

—Archbishop Patrick A. Feehan on the laying of the cornerstone in 1893

Saint John Cantius Church, Chicago